Surfing to Success: 2024 Caravan and Motorhome Club English National Surfing Championships Ride the Waves to Victory!

A landmark event at Fistral Beach – Thrilling Competition Amidst Challenging Conditions

The first stop of the 2024 Caravan and Motorhome Club English National Surfing Championships concluded this weekend at the iconic Fistral Beach in Newquay, Cornwall. We celebrated a huge 10 years of partnership with our event headline sponsor, The Caravan and Motorhome Club. And we also celebrated the best of English surfing talent across various divisions, drawing surfers and spectators alike from all corners of the country.

Competitors battled it out in challenging 6-10ft surf conditions, displaying exceptional skill and determination throughout the competition. From thrilling aerial manoeuvres to powerful wave rides, each heat was filled with excitement and showcased the incredible talent within the English surfing community. As the crowds cheered on their favourite surfers it was truly exceptional to witness the development in skill of our athletes. Our surfers will no doubt be a force to reckon with in worldwide competitions.

Epic Finals Unfold at Fistral Beach – Champions Emerge

In the heart-pounding finals, the surfing world witnessed an epic showdown of skill, determination, and pure adrenaline. Spectators held their breath as the ocean churned with anticipation, setting the stage for an unforgettable display of athleticism and prowess.

The Men’s Open division saw Stanley Norman carving through the waves with unmatched precision and style. His execution of flawless manoeuvres left the crowd in awe, leading him to the Mens Open Win.

Not to be outdone, Alys Barton took 1st place after dominating the Women’s Open division with her grace and power on the waves.

Belle Betteridge (competing in the Girls Under 18’s) and Lila Skinner (competing in the Girls Under 16’s) showcased an incredible blend of technique, power and finesse in the Junior girls’ divisions, both taking home the wins in their age respective category.

Meanwhile, in the boys Junior divisions, Arthur Randell (Under 18 boys) and Lukas Skinner (Under 16 Boys) stole the spotlight with their fearless approach showing determination and performing aerial manoeuvres with the confidence of seasoned veterans.

Honouring Champions and Dedication – Recognising the athletes’ journey

As the final horn sounded and the last wave rolled to shore, champions emerged from the surf. Their names marked out in English surfing history. Each wave ridden, each manoeuvre executed, represented the years of training and dedication, giving testament to the development of professional athletes of the English surfing community.

The Caravan and Motorhome Club English National Surfing Championships had once again delivered a spectacle of unparalleled excitement and intensity. This leaves no doubt that the spirit of surfing burns brighter than ever in the heart of every competitor and spectator alike.

Our Support and Gratitude for all involved – A Heartfelt Thank You

The success of this event would not have been possible without the generous support of our sponsors. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our headline sponsor of 10 years, Caravan and Motorhome Club for their invaluable contribution. All helped make this championship a memorable and thrilling experience for all involved.

We would like to say a big thank you to all involved. A huge thank you to all surfers, supporters, media team, judges and event team for being a part of this epic weekend. A big congratulations also to our Contest Director, Ester Spears, who excelled in his role throughout the contest. It was a phenomenal weekend for English Surfing, and we cannot wait for the next one!

FULL RESULTS – see heat scores etc here.

U16 Girls

1- Lila Skinner    2– Sunny Ingram    3- Willow Smith    4– Harlyn Sykes

U16 Boys

1 – Lukas Skinner    2 – Asbjorn Gwenin    3- Jago Tasker    4- Isaac Friend

U18 Girls

1- Belle Betteridge    2- Lauren Sandland    3- Georgie-May Hicks    4- Ocearna Peres

U18 Boys

1- Arthur Randell    2- Fynn Gillespie    3- Malakai Hagley    4- Finley Donovan

Women’s Open

1- Alys Barton    2- Ellie Turner     3- Belle Betteridge    4- Charlotte Mulley

Men’s Open

1- Stanley Norman    2- Lukas Skinner    3- Noah Davis     4- Fynn Gillespie


As we wrap up this exhilarating weekend of surfing action, we invite everyone to mark their calendars for our upcoming event. The second instalment of the Caravan and Motorhome Club English National Surfing Championships Part B, scheduled to take place from Saturday 4th May to Monday 6th.

Join us once again as we celebrate the spirit of surfing and continue to showcase the incredible talent within our surfing community. This second Nationals Event sees the inclusion of Shortboard Age-based Divisions, Longboarding, Bodyboarding and Stand up Paddleboarding.

Find out more and get your entry in HERE


Thank you to our fantastic headline partners Caravan and Motorhome Club. And to our amazing partners korev Lager, The Wave, dryrobe, Decathlon, Clarke Willmott, Vospers MuscleFood, Experience Freedom and The Hangout.


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