Safeguarding children & adults at risk

We all play a role in ensuring that participating in surfing is a positive and safe experience for everyone. Everyone who works or volunteers with children, young people and adults at risk has a responsibility to keep them safe.

This includes any concerns about the welfare of children or adults at risk either within Surfing or outside of Surfing, and any concern over anyone’s behaviour related to the welfare of children or adults at risk including those away from the sport that involves member organisations and/or participants.

What is safeguarding?

A safeguarding issue or concern is anything that might impact on children a young person or adults’ safety and welfare, cause them harm, or put them at risk of harm. Sometimes, a child, young person or adult might tell someone about (or disclose) abuse or neglect. You might also notice signs of abuse or see something that worries you. The number one priority is the well-being and protection of the child or vulnerable person.

However, it is not up to you to decide whether a child, young person or adult at risk has been abused, but to report concerns appropriately.

Who needs safeguarding?

Safeguarding applies to everyone, and it is each person’s responsibility to make sure that the most vulnerable people within our society are protected from harm.

Children, young people, and vulnerable adults may require more safeguarding support and consideration. This includes adults who may receive help from care teams, as well as adults who have mental health conditions, learning disabilities, or physical disabilities.

If you think a child or adult is in immediate danger, contact the police on 999. If you’re worried about a child but they are not in immediate danger, you should share your concerns.

Please report on the following form and send it to

We strongly recommend anyone involved in the delivery of surf lessons or surf club activity involving children should take an introduction to safeguarding course.

Surfing England have now produced a surf-specific safeguarding course which is available to all Surfing England coaches and surf club volunteers.

For all surf coaches taking any of the Surfing England surf instructor or surf coach awards it is now a pre-requisite to have completed a recognised safeguarding course. This Surfing England Safeguarding course is included free of charge with the Surf Instructor-Recreation Course and is being rolled out discounted to members.

Our course is digital, can be taken in your time around work and family commitments and cost £20.

We continue to recognise alternatively the safeguarding training for sports coaches:  NSPCC Safeguarding in Sport 

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