Sport for the many.  That is the guiding mission for Decathlon, to provide good quality kit at a price that makes sport possible for the many.    Not traditionally known as a water sports brand, the team at Decathlon have dedicated a huge amount of resource to create some top notch and affordable surf and SUP equipment, ideal for those at the start of their surfing journey.

We are working with Decathlon to create a junior surf programme, taking youngsters through beach safety, catching their first waves, to basic turns on the clean face of the wave.  The programme will be used by schools and clubs across the country, giving youngsters a well-structured and super start to their surfing journeys. 

Together we are building our beginners hub, with heaps of useful info and videos guiding newbies through surf kit, beach safety, board selection, pop ups, basic manoeuvres, and surf etiquette.  We are also making sure all decathlon surf customers have access to discounted membership and surf insurance. 

If you are interested in some good quality kit and are happy to not have a surf brand plastered across your gear, then we highly recommend the Decathlon Olaian range, in fact the Surfing England team have been wearing the 900 series wetsuits to much acclaim.

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