RYD Brand

RYD Brand

RYD’s passion for riding the waves and spreading the joy is a perfect match for our ethos.

In a world at times marked by cynicism and competition, RYD embodies unity and good vibes. Their mission revolves around fostering a sense of togetherness in the surfing community, emphasizing fun and sharing the stoke. Whether you’re just starting or a seasoned pro, RYD is here to celebrate the sheer exhilaration of surfing with you.

Established in Cape Town in 2014, RYD has since expanded its positive influence worldwide, with a strong presence in Australia, the USA, New Zealand, and Europe. Their founders boast over two decades of experience in crafting top-tier gear for action sports.

While their products are technically advanced and of premium quality, RYD approaches this from a fresh perspective. They champion inclusivity, participation, and guiding surf enthusiasts on their journey while creating cherished memories along the way.

Join us in celebrating RYD Brand, alongside Surfing England and the Junior Surf Series. Together, we’re making waves, uniting surfers, and sharing the love for the ocean, one ride at a time.

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