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Surfing England membership discounts and insurance

Among the many benefits of being a Surfing England member is the range of discounts we have negotiated with companies across the country from the Surf industry and beyond. From money off leashes and wax to great discounts on new boards and even holidays. Within our offer, members are also insured with personal accident insurance when surfing anywhere in the World, this including bodysurf, hand plane, bodyboard, shortboard, longboard, SUP (includes freshwater).

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Personal accident cover when surfing anywhere in the World, including artificial Wave facilities, such as The Wave, Bristol.

Includes all disciplines from bodysurf, handplane, bodyboard, shortboard, longboard and SUP. Also these crafts are covered when on freshwater, including lakes, rivers, canals.

Cover extends to Affiliated Surf Clubs for all club activity, and Enhanced Surf Coaches when conducting independent coaching.

Click here to view the full insurance brochure and terms.



Carve Magazine 10% Off subscriptions and £5 off Surf Travel: The Complete Guide
20% Off store & subscriptions
Surf Girl Magazine 10% Off subscriptions

Retail & brand discounts

Surfdome 20% Off [excludes wetsuits surfboards & gopro] 10% off wetsuits and surfboards [excludes gopro] Dryrobe 10% Off
Blue White & Grey 20% Off all full priced clothing
Circle One 10% Off
Jolly Brown 10% Off
Nalu Beads 10% Off
Mango Surf 10% Off The Store
Zumajay 5% discount on everything
The Green Wave 10% Off all orders over £15
House of Apres 10% Off All Purchases
Moken Coffee 10% Off All Purchases
The Board Box 10% Off all boards
Rip Curl Newquay 15% Off in store

Travel, Surf Trips & Accommodation Discounts

Cohort Hostel 15% Off Your Stay
Ocean Rides 10% Off Your Travel
Surf Camp Sumatra 5% Off All Trips
Mountainrides 10% Off Your Travel
Perfect Wave 5% Off Your Booking
Rhino Car Hire 10% Off all car hire
Star Surf 10% Off Trips
Offsure Travel Insurance 20% Off
Pirates Bay 10% Off All Indonesia Packages
Ride351 10% Off all Packages

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*join up and you will receive details of all the discounts and how to claim them. Members will be updated every 4 months with the latest offers. So make sure you don’t ignore those mailchimps we send out!

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