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The below named surfers are selected as part of the Surfing England Elite Programmes. With an exciting international competitive schedule set for 2022 and beyond, Surfing England detail the squads associated with any planned team representation in the Junior and Open shortboard discipline, as well as longboard disciplines and Team England Adaptive. We are fortunate to have dedicated volunteers who support in roles such as Team Manager’s, Coaches, Support and other – all listed at the below.

Coronavirus – There are some exemptions in place for elite athletes to continue to train and compete. Please see the Team England Elilte Athletes Coronavirus Guidance 140121 and also a letter confirming all athletes on this page are Team England elite athletes in the sport of surfing: Team England Elite Athlete Confirmation 140121

Team England Open Squad (who attended 2022 British Championships and Cup – read here)


    • Luke Dillon
    • Liam Murray Strout
    • Barnaby Cox
    • Stanley Norman


    • Alys Barton
    • Vittoria Farmer
    • Charlotte Mulley
    • Lucy Campbell

Head Coach: Dave Renaud

Manager: Robert “Minnow” Green

Contact: [email protected]

Team England Junior Squad, supported by dryrobe

Under 18 Boys

  • Malakai Hagley
    Elliot Barton
    Ned Hart
    Arthur Randell
    Ishka Thres
    Otis Perry

Under 18 Girls

  • Belle Betteridge
    Leila Salt
    Georgie-May Hicks
    Lauren Sandland
    Alexandra Husson
    Sofia Louise Gooding
    Eva Moorcroft-Holland
    Charlotte Mulley
    Tegan Blackford

Under 16 Boys

  • Isaac Friend
    Dylan Roose
    Jago Tasker
    Heath Gillespie
    Lukas Skinner
    Isaac Dakin
    Jack Lacey
    Sammy Woolf
    Reen Bowden-Inoue
    Fynn Gillespie
    Ted Pearson

Under 16 Girls

  • Coco Arthur
    Lila Skinner
    Hazel Bennett
    Bethan Davies
    Sunny Ingram
    Taylor Miller
    Harlyn Sykes
    Willow Smith
    Sky Brown
    Lilly Issberner
    Mia Olivia
    Lola Bleakley
    Eva Blackford
    Boe Howell

Manager: Jamie Wride

Coaches: Miles Lee-Hargreaves, Damon Beveridge, Beau Bromham, Karma Worthington, Jenny Briant, and Emily Williams

Strength & Conditioning Lead: Beau Bromham

Sports PsychologistLindsay Woodford (UWE Bristol)

Contact[email protected]

Team England Adaptive squad


  • Zoe Smith – Para Surf Stand 2
  • Natasha Davies – Para Surf Prone 2 (assist)
  • Hannah Dines – Para Surf Prone 2 (assist)
  • Melissa Reid – Para Surf VI 2
  • Charlotte Banfield – Para Surf Stand 2
  • Suzanne Edwards – TBC


  • Martin Pollock – Para Surf Kneel
  • Oliver Jones – Para Surf Kneel
  • Spike Kane – Para Surf Sit
  • Mark Hagger – Para Surf Prone 2 (assist)
  • Andy Guy – Para Surf Prone 2 (assist)
  • Stephen Lightbown – Para Surf Prone 1 (non-assist)
  • David Lewis – Para Surf VI 2
  • Louis Sutton – TBC
  • Pegleg Bennett – Para Surf Stand 2
  • Mark Taylor – TBC
  • Mark Bowra – TBC
  • Morgan Rhys – TBC
  • Darren Edwards – TBC

Acting Manager: Phil Williams

Head Coach: Gary Brickley

Coaches: Matty Hammersley, Matt Harwood, Melissa Reid, Jack Patching, Harry Jowett-Spring, Ian Bennett, Matt Jones, Kevin Dring, Andy Banks

Adaptive Advisor & Director of Stoke:  Spike Kane

General support: Nick Hounsfield, Nick Asheshov, Toby Mai Smith, Lara Hayward, Seren Dixon

Contact: [email protected]org

Team England SUP squad


  • Marie Buchanan
  • Alex Tyrer
  • Annalisa Ridsill Smith
  • Christian Doviak


  • Blue Ewer
  • Ben Moreham
  • John Hiscock
  • Jan Sleigh


  • Annabel Page


  • Will Keetley

Team Manager: Tina Beresford (for EuroSUP Denmark)


Junior Longboard TBA (Awaiting competition information from European Surfing Federation)

Junior Bodyboard TBA (Awaiting competition information from European Surfing Federation)

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