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The below named surfers are selected as part of the Surfing England Elite Programmes. With an exciting international competitive schedule set for 2021 and beyond, Surfing England detail the squads associated with any planned team representation in the Junior and Open shortboard discipline, as well as longboard disciplines and Team England Adaptive. We are fortunate to have dedicated volunteers who support in roles such as Team Manager’s, Coaches, Support and other – all listed at the below.

Coronavirus – There are some exemptions in place for elite athletes to continue to train and compete. Please see the Team England Elilte Athletes Coronavirus Guidance 140121 and also a letter confirming all athletes on this page are Team England elite athletes in the sport of surfing: Team England Elite Athlete Confirmation 140121

English Open Squad

  • Men
    • Luke Dillon
    • Jayce Robinson
    • Seth Morris
    • Barnaby Cox
    • Stanley Norman
  • Women
    • Peony Knight
    • Lucy Cambell
    • Ellie Turner
    • Emily Currie
    • Alys Barton

English Junior Squad, supported by dryrobe

Under 18 Boys

  • Beau Betteridge
  • Sam Hearn
  • Kieron Smith
  • Stanley Norman
  • Sam Taylor
  • Jowan Pegg
  • Alex Townsend
  • Louie Ingram
  • Oscar Salt

Under 18 Girls

  • Maddie Cawood
  • Alys Barton
  • Asha Sykes

Under 16 Boys

  • Reen Bowden-Inoue
  • Fynn Gillespie
  • Arthur Randell
  • Archie Burnett
  • Anto Sykes
  • Ishka Thres
  • Otis Perry
  • Max Miller-Cooley
  • Sonny Breslaw
  • Lukas Skinner
  • Ned Hart
  • Elliot Barton

Under 16 Girls

  • Eva Blackford
  • Belle Betteridge
  • Lauren Sandland
  • Tegan Blackford
  • Sofia Louise Gooding
  • Eva Moorcroft-Holland
  • Rosie Thomas
  • Megan Webb
  • Alexandra Husson
  • Sky Brown
  • Georgie-May Hicks

Overage Surfers

  • Noah Capps
  • Willoughby Masterman
  • Max Bullen
  • Sol Hawkins
  • Max Hudson
  • Beck Adler

Junior Longboard TBA (Awaiting competition information from European Surfing Federation)

Junior Bodyboard TBA (Awaiting competition information from European Surfing Federation)

Adaptive squad

  • Spike Kane
  • Charlotte Banfield
  • Melissa Reid
  • Louis Sutton
  • Suzanne Edwards
  • Pegleg Bennett
  • Martin Pollock
  • Natasha Davies
  • Mike Taylor
  • Mark Bowra
  • Morgan Rhys
  • David Lewis
  • Mark Hagger
  • Darren Edwards
  • Zoe Smith

Team England:

OPEN management team.

Head Coach: Dave Renaud

Manager: Robert “Minnow” Green

Fitness & Health: Richie Inskip

Strength & Conditioning Performance lead: Jack Birch

General Support: Richard Newbould, Kerry Powell & Calli Wray-McCann

Contact: [email protected]

Team England: JUNIOR management team.

Manager: Oliver Hawksworth

Coaches: Miles Lee-Hargreaves & Damon Beveridge

Strength & Conditioning Lead: Beau Bromham

Support Fitness & Health team: Jamie Wride

Psychology Support: Lindsay Woodford (UWE Bristol)

General Support: Celine Townsend

Judging Support: Liam Dennis Green

Contact[email protected]

Team England: ADAPTIVE Management team.

Manager: Andy Joyce

CoachesMatt Harwood and Pegleg Bennett (also squad member)

Adaptive Advisor & Director of Stoke:  Spike Kane

General support: Nick Hounsfield, Nick Asheshov, Toby Smith, Rebecca Pugsley and Rob Stewart

Contact: [email protected]org

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