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The below named surfers are the selected as part of the Surfing England Elite Programmes. With an exciting international competitive schedule set for 2017 and beyond, Surfing England detail the squads associated with any planned team representation in the Junior and Open shortboard discipline. Volunteer staff selected to support the programmes are also listed.

English Open Squad


  • Luke Dillon
  • Jobe Harriss
  • Jayce Robinson
  • Reubyn Ash
  • Will Bailey
  • Oli Adams
  • George Hudson
  • Arran Strong
  • Spencer Bridges
  • Angus Scotney
  • Josh Braddock
  • Joss Ash
  • Liam Turner
  • Alan Stokes
  • Miles Lee-Hargreaves
  • Harry De Roth


  • Peony Knight
  • Ellie Turner
  • Keshia Eyre
  • Lucy Campbell
  • Emily Currie
  • Ellen Harding
  • Sarah Beardmore

English Junior Squad


U16 Boys Squad 

– Seth Morris

– Noah Capps

– Will Masterman

– Stanley Norman

– Sol Hawkins

– Barnaby Cox

– Gabe Ley

– Woody New

– Max Hudson

– Fynlee Miller

U16 Girls Squad 

– Ellie Turner

– Kitty Brewer

– Amy Dyer

– Lily Pierce

– Lilly Mandeville

– Bonita Whitelock

U18 Boys Squad 

– Liam Murray Strout

– Eno James

– Kit Innes

– Sonny Perrussel

– Jake Elkington

U18 Girls Squad 

– Natasha Van Greunen

– Anna Jellema Butler

– Tilly Theobald

– Mischa Maguire

– Rosie O’Neill

– Ruby Breadon

– Sarah Ingram


Team England: OPEN management team.

Head Coach: Dave Renaud

Manager: Robert “Minnow” Green

Fitness & Health: Richie Inskip

General Support: Richard Newbould, Kerry Powell & Calli Wray-McCann


Team England: JUNIOR management team.

Head Coach: Damon Beveridge

Assistant Coach: Dominique Kent

Manager: Chris Brown

Lead Fitness & Health: John Moore

Support Coach: Miles Lee-Hargreaves & Beau Bromham

Support Fitness & Health team: Rob Bale, Jamie Wride & Ross James

General Support: Liam Dennis Green


Team England: ADAPTIVE Management team.

Deadline for closure April 31st. Positions below ‘interim’ until applications close.

Interim Coaches: Dominique Kent & Andy Joyce

Interim Managers: Dominique Kent & Andy Joyce

General support: Calli Wray-McCann


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