“Don’t be a kook, just get a lesson” – Emily Grimes, Surfing England Coach Member

We recently caught up with Emily Grimes, a surfer, Surfing England Coach member and maths teacher based up in Northumberland. We asked her about how she got into surfing herself… 

Emily on the North West coast at the mouth of the River Mersey, Winter 2020

I did the thing I now try to educate others not to do.  

With no knowledge of the ocean I bought myself a board and a wetsuit, half listened and less-than-half understood advice. Never had a lesson. Went to the beach every weekend. Got in no matter what. 

It is genuinely a wonder that I never injured myself or someone else. My bullishness in my desire to surf not only undermined my own safety, but seriously stunted my progression. I was rubbish, for absolutely ages, and it’s taken a long time and a lot of retrospective training to undo my bad habits. 

Emily testing out a new board, Autumn 2020

It wasn’t until I started teaching people that I realised the benefits of getting a surf lesson, a ground breaking revelation for sure! Regularly my students are mastering in 1 lesson what took me 6 months and doing so in a much safer environment. Even as an experienced surfer, the benefits of tuition from an [ISA] level 2 coach are huge. 

Emily coaching at newly Surfing England Accredited KA Surf School, Northumberland

With hindsight, this is my one piece of advice: don’t be a kook, just get a lesson.” – Emily Grimes 

You can find the best schools in England to organise lessons with here and accredit your school with Surfing England, your surfing NGB (National Governing Body) here. 

For any questions on Membership / Surf School Accreditation, please get in touch with Poppy to: membership@surfingengland.org

Hardy surfers in Northumberland where Emily coaches

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