Talent and Pathway

Rip it up

We want to be able to create a path for promising surfers that shows them how they can get from their local club competitions all the way to the world stage, if that’s their ambition. 

To help plot that path we’ve brought together athletes, coaches, contest organisers and more to work with us in creating the Surfing England Talent Plan. We’re starting with the grassroots of our sport, working with a network of clubs that can identify and develop young surfers. 

We want to build from there, so that we help our best and brightest prove themselves in international competition through the WSL (World Surf League) Regional Qualifying Series.


We want to be able to show a clear path to our national squad programme, and make sure it’s an open, inclusive and supportive environment if and when you get there. We hope to find cross-sport partners so that we can open up more opportunities for our athletes to access high performance training facilities and coaching.

Eventually, our ambition is to support the new generation of English surfing talent all the way through to the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles.


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