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Surfing-England logoSurfing England a not for profit membership organisation providing a National Governing Body service for English surfers and surfing.

In 2016 a decision was made by the executive committees of the English Surfing Federation  and Surfing GB to merge the organisations under one legal and managerial structure. This change was made to enable the Surfing England to apply for National Governing Body (NGB) recognition for English Surfers and Surfing. A single and streamlined service to the sport from grass roots to elite and across all events, teams and member services. The change also facilitates the developments in International Surfing Association (ISA) programmes and structures throughout the British home nations of England, Wales, Scotland and the Channel Islands.

Founded in 1978 the English Surfing Federation has been successfully running English surfing championships ever since and has organised consistent representation at European Surfing Championships across the disciplines of surfing. Surfing GB arose from the void left when the British Surfing Association relinquished its responsibility to British surfing in 2010. An operation spanning six years saw the professional delivery of service to surfers, surf coaches, surf schools and surf clubs, successful operation of British national events and teams, support and promotion of the sport and its organisations and a clear, committed, productive approach to serving British surfing.

The merger of the two organisations into one under the Surfing England banner, has been legally funded by Sport England and paves the way for application to Sport England for National Governing Body (NGB) recognition for Surfing in England.  The structure of the merged organisation, under the combined board of twelve volunteer directors, fits with best practice guidelines set out by Sport England; whilst the professional team of four staff behind Surfing GB’s operation continue in their roles.

The impact of NGB recognition will enhance the future prospects of Surfing and surfers in England, opening the door to potential funding both for grassroots surfing, and for elite development and Olympic development through UK Sport.

Whilst achieving NGB recognition is a key focus for the merged organisation. We are also committed to continuing with delivery of the outstanding membership service that Surfing GB members enjoyed in recent years. We aim to deliver a modern, professional service to a diverse range of wave riders; including shortboard, longboard, knee board, body surf, body board and stand up paddle surfers; and supporting adaptive and inclusive surfing as we break down the barriers to our sport for all.

We are fortunate to have the continuing support of our sponsors, who share in our vision for a better surfing future for England. We work closely with our main sponsors: Korev lager, The Caravan Club, Jeep and Surfdome to achieve our goals; and with more sponsors and supporters getting behind the organisation the future is bright.

As we commit our time, energy and resources into Surfing it is exciting to see positive response from you, our members, following the merger announcement.  Our commitment to you is that 2017 will be the year we achieve National Governing Body recognition. We will continue to deliver our professional service to members, host the English Surfing Championships and submit English teams at elite level. But we will aim to do a lot more: we will strive to maximise every opportunity for all our members in 2017– we are stoked to have you along for the ride!

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