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Our Beginner Surf Lessons: Our beginner surf lessons are tailored for absolute newcomers to the sport. Once you've been allocated the correct kit from us, you'll learn everything a beginner needs to know about beach safety, paddling technique, how to catch waves and finally the fundamentals of getting up to your feet on the surfboard. We pride ourselves on small beginner surf lessons with unbeatable coach-to-student ratios. The average beginner surf lesson ratio is 1:4 with the maximum being 1:6 with the maximum being 1:6. This guarantees each of our customers more 1-to-1 coaching. The customer experience is our number one priority. Our Refresher Surf lessons: For surfers looking to further develop their skills, Improver Surf lessons are for the people who have taken a few lessons in the past and looking to progress and push their surfing. If you've caught the bug and can regularly get to your feet, our Refresher lessons cover aspects of surfing such as fine-tuning the basics, turning your board around, gaining speed and catching unbroken waves from further out to sea. We have a large variety of boards to cover the needs of the improver surfer. Our Surf Club Programme and Kids Surf Camps: Explore our Surf Club Programme for a weekly advanced coaching experience suitable for adults and children of all skill levels. Weekly coaching suitable for adults and children of all skill levels -8 Y/O through to adults/seniors groups. Progressive session, with all equipment included in the price per person. Our WEEKLY club sessions time take place every Saturday but are laible to re-scheduling with conditions chnages. Group 1 for ages 8-12 runs from 10:30-12:00. Group 2 for ages 12-16 runs from 12:30-14:00. Adults sessions run from 14:30-16:00. Our Kid's Surf Camps are action-packed with Surfing, Beach Games, Surf Specific Movements and Knowledge-Based Water Safety Session.
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