Wave Riding Etiquette

To maximise everyone’s enjoyment of surfing and to keep yourself and others safe when riding waves, its important to understand and demonstrate good surfing etiquette. As a new surfer, understanding the rules will help you join the line-up (term for surfers waiting beyond breaking waves to ride unbroken waves) 

  • Priority (the right of way / right to catch the wave) goes to the surfer closest to the peak
  • Don’t snake or hassle for waves by paddling round other surfers to take priority
  • Communicate. It’s good to chat and calling left or right indicates which way you’re going
  • Don’t drop in. This is a crucial one, and means don’t paddle for or catch a wave if another surfer is already riding it
  • If your caught on the inside, paddle back out through the whitewater. Don’t ruin another surfers wave by paddling to the shoulder
  • Don’t ditch your board. This applies when kicking out of a wave and when paddling out
  • Be kind. A smile, some chat and sharing a bit of knowledge spreads good vibes and helps make the line up a fun and welcoming place to be.

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