The correct equipment will mean you have a great time in the surf, are safe, and stay warm! 

Wetsuit – Essential to keep you warm in the water. A wetsuit is generally made out of neoprene and should fit closely to the body. Wetsuits come in a variety of thicknesses depending on the season, and boots, gloves, and hoods are all extra options to keep you toasty. Read our wetsuit guide for more info. 

Surf craft – Whether a handplane, bodyboard, surfboard, SUP or other wave riding kit, make sure it’s appropriate for your level of ability and in good condition.  You can check out our guide to board selection on our LINK surf disciplines page.  

Leash – Essential for surfing so you don’t loose your board.   For surf boards and surf SUPs, a straight leash at least the length of your board, attached to the ankle is perfect.  For body boarding a shorter coiled arm leash works well.   

Fins – Surfboards and SUPs have fins, these help keep the board stable in the water and connected to the wave. Make sure your fins are securely in the board and not loose. 

Wax – Some boards require wax, to be applied on the top (deck) of the board. Apply wax to give you grip. 

Swim Fins – Bodysurfers/handplaners/bodyboarders will use fins to help with catching waves and swimming against currents.  

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