Bodysurfing & hand planing

Bodysurfing is a really accessible form of wave riding & great way to enjoy the sea. Using your body as a surf craft you have an even greater connection to the wave and the ocean environment. Like all water sports it does come with some risks, especailly as no surf craft, means no floatation device.

It’s vital that anyone going bodysurfing considers:

  • Their level of swimming ability and water confidence. Does your ability safely match the conditions – the size of waves, strength and direction of wind, any rips or currents etc.
  • Using swim fins, especially if going out of waist depth water
  • The right kit for the water temperature, e.g., appropriate wetsuit and potentially hood and gloves
  • Wearing something bright to be easily identified by other water users, e.g., a colourful swim hat, rash vest, or similar.
  • The use of a helmet

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