Animal: The Perfect Sponsor for Junior Surf Series

In 1987, two surfers embarked on a journey that would shape the future of a brand. Their creation, the ‘Hook and Loop’ watch strap, captured the attention of the surfing and action sports community for its durability and functionality. Thus, Animal was born, marking the beginning of an iconic adventure.

Over the past three decades, Animal has evolved from its board sports heritage to become a leading lifestyle clothing brand. Embracing a free-spirited mindset, the brand resonates with individuals who crave authenticity and effortless style. Drawing inspiration from their coastal origins and catering to the needs of today’s customers, Animal’s in-house design teams craft contemporary looks that reflect their passion for adventure.

However, Animal’s commitment doesn’t end with style and quality. Recognizing the pressing need to protect our planet, the brand has embarked on a mission to be kinder to the environment. Taking conscious steps to redefine their design and manufacturing process, Animal incorporates responsibly sourced materials into their products.

Animal’s dedication to sustainability goes beyond sourcing materials. They have joined forces with reGAIN, a partner that actively diverts products from landfills, contributing to a circular environmental retail model. This holistic approach demonstrates Animal’s unwavering commitment to the planet, their customers, and future generations.

The alignment between Animal and the junior surf series is undeniable. As young surfers embark on their own journeys, Animal’s story serves as a testament to the power of passion and determination. By sponsoring the junior surf series, Animal can inspire the next generation of surfers to embrace a free-spirited mindset and care for the environment.

Animal’s perfect fit as a sponsor goes beyond their shared origins in the surfing community. Their ethos of adventure and authenticity resonates with young surfers who seek to express themselves through their sport. Moreover, Animal’s sustainable practices serve as an ideal role model for young athletes, showcasing the importance of considering the environmental impact of their actions.

By supporting the junior surf series, Animal not only invests in the development of young talent but also fosters a sense of responsibility and stewardship towards the oceans and natural environments that surfers cherish. The partnership between Animal and the junior surf series will undoubtedly create a lasting impact, inspiring young surfers to pursue their dreams while being mindful of the planet they call home.


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