Mid Lengths/Minimal

Mid Lengths/Minimal 

Popular on the surf scene, and the perfect board to step up onto after learning the basics on a foamie, are minimals. A minimal is the typical board a surfer will progress onto, around 7’0-8’6 in length, with plenty of buoyancy and stability, meaning it’s easy to catch waves, and stand up.  

Increasingly you hear the words ‘yea I’m taking my mid out today’, which is arguably more performance orientated than a minimal; this type of board will offer plenty of fun and float, a craft that’s easy to catch waves in smaller or fat surf, is responsive and one you can start to develop your manoeuvres.  

On the beach – always surf between the black and white chequered flags at a RNLI lifeguarded beach. Read more about surf safety and etiquette here.   

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