Surfing England secure £1m investment into grassroot surfing

We’re delighted to share news that Surfing England have been recognised as a system partner by Sport England, the body responsible for investing in sport and activity across the country.  

We have been shouting from the rafters about the development of surfing, the level of talent we have coming through the ranks, our awesome and thriving club scene, how surfing lifts and defines some of our coastal communities and the unique ways surfing can contribute to a happier and healthier society.   It’s with great pleasure we can share that Sport England see this value to and have backed Surfing England with an investment of £998,000 to support our work across the surf community over the next three years.

The team at Surfing England; staff, athletes and volunteers alike, have created a dynamic, impactful and well governed organisation that is bringing fresh investment into surfing and ensuring the voice of the surfing community is heard at the national level.  With a varied work programme already underway and delivering results (did we mention our 2023 record medal haul!) we have the perfect platform on which to continue building.  The Sport England investment has a specific focus on great governance, supporting community and clubs and further developing our talent pathways for junior and adaptive surfers.

Ben, our CEO has been working closely with Sport England and commented “this investment is a huge step forward for Surfing England and our ability to deliver for the needs of our surfers and the surfing community.”

“English surfing is in such an exciting place, we have amazing talent, investment in wave pools, an ever growing and diverse club scene and a thriving sense of community.  This support gives us more financial stability, allowing us to make longer term plans and invest in people to capitalise on the positives and tackle some of the challenges and inequalities we face in our mission to make life better through surfing.”

Sport England Chief Executive, Tim Hollingsworth said:  “We are delighted to be working with Surfing England and the surfing community.  Sport England’s goal is to get everyone active – no matter who they are, where they live, or what their background is. In working with Surfing England, we are recognising the special role surfing can play in connecting people and communities to get active.”

As a team, we feel privileged to be in a position to further support and invest in the surfing community.  We’re proud of the way we work and will continue putting the surfer and surfing at the heart of our decision making.  As we go forward we’ll be sharing more information on the Sport England investment and how it will be used, what it’s for and equally what it’s not for.  As ever, our members will get the full low down and be kept up to date through the newsletter.

For more information about the funding, click here.

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