Diversity in the waves

We’re excited to be supporting Wave Women UK, a documentary project led by Ubuntu Global Productions that follows the surfing journey of 5 black women from first realising surfing could even be a possibility, to their first waves and then developing as surfers and becoming part of the surfing community. The project aims to break down some of the barriers people from underrepresented and culturally diverse communities face, touching on themes such as identity, courage and belonging.

We hope the documentary will appeal to a wide audience and help inspire all those in the next generation to get involved and help us grow a more diverse and culturally richer lineup. Filming is underway and the film will launch to the general public in spring 2024. Follow Ubuntu Global Productions on Instagram for updates here.

Wave Women UK is proudly supported by Surfing England, Finisterre and SOUL CAP.

A heads up to anyone wanting to help support Surfing England in our work around diversity and inclusion that we are getting ready to launch an Inclusive LineUps committee. This group will help to steer the work of Surfing England at a strategic and operational level as we look at how our amazing sport and lifestyle can become more inclusive and the phenomenal benefits of surfing are open to people from all backgrounds and walks of life.  We will soon be opening recruitment for a panel chair and then committee members that can bring their expertise and lived experience to the team.

As we do more in this area, the need for better research is growing.  One of our members is currently running a survey exploring ethnic diversity in surfing which is one of the first of it’s kind and if you’d like to contribute (whether you surf or not) you can access it here.

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