Team England ready to take on 2022 British Championships and Cup

It is back! The 2022 British Surfing Championships and Cup is scheduled to take place in Wales, this weekend, 1st – 2nd October. The Welsh Surfing Federation are organising the contest that runs on rotation between the four home nations that also include Surfing England, Channel Islands Surfing Federation and Scottish Surfing Federation.

The event will be held at either the boulder reef break of Llantwit Major or Freshwater West – we are awaiting updates from contest organisers; event call is due evening of Wednesday 28th September at 18:00 hours.

Each home nation submits a team in Men’s Open, Women’s Open, U18 Boy’s and U18 Girls. These surfers are the top 3 the current years home nation championships, and either the 4th placed surfer or a wildcard.

So, who are the TEAM ENGLAND line up? It is STRONG.


  1. Luke Dillon
  2. Liam Murray Strout
  3. Barnaby Cox
  4. Stanley Norman (wildcard)


  1. Alys Barton
  2. Vittoria Farmer
  3. Charlotte Mulley
  4. Lucy Campbell (wildcard)


  1. Beau Betteridge
  2. Alex Townsend
  3. Kieron Smith
  4. Lukas Skinner (wildcard)


  1. Alys Barton
  2. Tegan Blackford
  3. Charlotte Mulley
  4. Belle Betteridge (wildcard)
Luke Dillon – current English Men’s Champion

The proposed format of the event is:

Round 1 = 16 surfers = 4 heats of 4 surfers

4th and 3rd go into Round 2.

2nd and 1st go straight to Round 3

Round 2 = 8 surfers = 2 heats of 4 surfers

4th and 3rd go out

2nd and 1st go into round 3

Round 3 = 12 surfers= 4 heats of 3 surfers

3rd goes out

2nd and 1st go into the semi final

Semi Final = 8 surfers = 2 heats of 8 surfers

FINAL = 4 surfers = 1 heat of 4 surfers

Contest organisers are aiming to run with live scoring – we will share the link on our social media @SurfingEngland once we have it!

For surfers looking to make the British Surfing Team, this event no longer guarantees places in the team but is still a well-respected prestige title. British Surfing said “The 2022 British Cup will crown British Champions but will not necessarily be used as an automatic GB Team Qualifier event. This is due to the fact that the selection policy for various GB Squads and ISA Team selection is currently under review. This is due for publication by the end of the year.”

Alys Barton – Current English Women’s Champion

Our huge thanks to the support crew leading the team this weekend.

Team Manager – Jamie Wride

Assistant Manager and Judging Lead – Joey Hillman

Coach – Dave Renaud

Coach – Beau Bromham

Team England Judge on the panel – Ester Spears

A huge thank you to our Team England sponsors that enable us to subsidise costs for this event. We are lucky to have longstanding support from partners korev Lager, Caravan and Motorhome Club, and The Wave, and to Team England Junior sponsors, dryrobe.

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