British Team Announced for ISA World Surfing Games

British Surfing are pleased to announce the team that will compete in the upcoming ISA World Surfing Games. The ISA World Surfing Games will take place from the 16-24th September at Huntington Beach, California. This event represents the start of the qualification process for the 2024 Olympics.

This event is also the first following British Surfing’s appointment of Victoria Gosling OBE as the new British Surfing Chair; Joel Gray as Performance Pathway Manager; and Gwen Spurlock as Pathway Development Lead.

“This is a real positive step for British Surfing and the fact that the funding and positions are long term focussed is like a breath of fresh air. Personally Im really excited to get to work. These ISA Games are just the starting point and we hope to put in place a healthy pathway for emerging groms to aspire to with healthy numbers competing on the WSL and of course WT and Olympic Qualification as realistic goals.” Joel Gray

“With the Paris 2024 Olympics approaching, and surfing as a sport now being recognised and supported, I personally feel extremely excited about the future for our athletes. I am driven by creating the platform that supports our surfers to achieve an Olympic medal in the not-so-distant future.” Gwen Spurlock.

Future Squad and Team Selection Policy will be announced shortly; furthermore we will provide information on upcoming Squad Development Camps planned to take in the Uk and overseas.

Of Note: British Surfing are in the process of launching a new website – live from early from Oct 22. In the interim please see all live updates from the forthcoming ISA Competition at the  British Surfing Instagram page.

ISA World Surfing Games 2022

Team Manager: Joel Gray

Deputy Team Manager: Gwen Spurlock

Coach: Llewellyn Whittaker

Physio: Michael Pellegrino

Mens Team

Patrick Langdon-Dark

Luke Dillon

Logan Nicol

Arran Strong (reserve)

Womens Team

Ellie Turner

Alys Barton

Lucy Campbell

Emily Currie (reserve)

For the ISA event information head to: 

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