Are you taking part in Wings for Life Worldwide Run?

We are proud to partner with Red Bull who support the delivery of our Events Program. Wings for Life are Red Bull’s sister charity with the goal of finding a cure for spinal cord injury. Read on for how you can get involved in this unique Worldwide challenge/fundraiser.

What is Wings for Life World Run?

  • Wings for Life World Run is back for 2022! Unite with runners across the globe on the 8th May to run for those who can’t. 100% of your entry fee goes directly to research that will help to find a cure for spinal cord injury.
  • Runners will challenge themselves in the only race in the world where the finish line catches you. The virtual Catcher Car starts its pursuit 30 minutes after the start time and overtakes competitors, one by one, until the final person is caught! With finish distances ranging from a few kilometres to a marathon and beyond, this is an event suited for all. All you need to do is download the Wings for Life World Run app from the App Store, and get training! The new app update includes a new training mode and exciting audio experience to ensure you stay motivated.
  • Wings For Life World Run is a fun and interactive way for an athlete to push themselves against all global competitors, without having to leave their home town.
  • Red Bull athletes (surfing specific) will be running on the 8th May, to put as much distance down as possible, all in aid of the Wings For Life charity. This gives applicants a unique way to test themselves against Red Bull athletes and see how far they can run, before the (virtual ) catcher car reaches their location.


  • Wings For Life is our sister charity here at Red Bull, with the goal of finding a cure for spinal cord injury.
  • One of our main fundraising drives is our annual World Run, a virtual race where everybody in the world sets off at the same time (midday for us in the UK) and runs for as long as they can, before eventually being caught by a ‘catcher car’ (virtual)

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