World Class Waves Planned for Dorset in Latest Surf Lake proposal

We’re amped to be supporting the latest surf lake coming forward in England, this one bringing waves to Bournemouth, Dorset. Read all about the plans and find out more information…

Dorset based W. H. White is seeking views on an exciting and unique opportunity for a worldclass leisure attraction in Dorset. The nature-focused proposals comprise significant improvements to Avon Heath Country Park and an inland surf lagoon at land southeast of A31 Ringwood Road, either side of Brocks Pine in St Leonards, Dorset.

W. H. White control the land on either side of Brocks Pine and Dorset Council own and manage Avon Heath Country Park. Key to the vision is therefore the opportunity to work collaboratively to create a much-improved country park, alongside a significant area of natural greenspace to preserve and protect the Dorset Heaths at no cost to the tax payer.

Following initial engagement with Natural England, W. H. White is pleased to confirm that the proposals have their support as they seek to reduce recreational pressures on Dorset Heaths to enable the heath to thrive. The wider Avon Heath Country Park will continue to be owned and operated by Dorset Council, providing the same popular facilities, open spaces and events that it does currently.

The proposal presents a once-in-a-generation opportunity for a world-class inland surfing lagoon. The cove-shaped lagoon, which is supported by governing body Surf England, will provide a safe, accessible and enjoyable surf experience for everyone, including those requiring adaptive surfing, as well as white-water waves for beginners and up to 1.8-metre barrelling waves for elite surfers and a family orientated environment for all to enjoy all year round.

“We’re stoked to see the plans coming forward from W H White to bring world class waves and all the physical and mental health benefits of surfing to the south coast. We’re seeing wave technology evolve at a rapid pace and it’s going to be amazing to have this cutting edge facility within a country park development that puts Dorset on the world’s surfing map” – Ben Powis, CEO, Surfing England.

A surf lagoon here in Dorset would cement the region’s reputation as a surf destination and promote year-round linked trips and staycations, securing significant benefits to the tourism and hospitality economy in Dorset and help deliver the step-change required to lead the regional recovery from the Covid 19 pandemic.

This exciting vision would deliver significant education, health and wellbeing benefits, including:

  • Provide a once in a generation opportunity for Dorset to cement its reputation as a surf destination, retaining and increasing expenditure in Dorset.
  • Support jobs through its construction and create up to 40 jobs directly for local people.
  • Cement Dorset’s reputation as a natural playground and surf destination through the promotion of a year-round linked-trips and staycations, securing significant benefits to the tourism and hospitality economy across Dorset.
  • Utilising the latest solar photovoltaic technology to create on-site renewable energy to contribute to the operation of the lagoon.
  • Reduce recreational pressures on Dorset Heaths and enabling it to thrive by intercepting visitors further away at a greatly improved Avon Heath Country Park.
  • Improve local water quality by removing arable fields out of intensive agricultural use, significantly reducing the level of nitrates emitted from the site.
  • Offer an enjoyable surf experience for those who require adaptive surfing in the form of assistance, specialised equipment, or an adapted surfing experience.
  • Improve local air quality along the A31 corridor through new landscaping.
  • Contribute towards the health and wellbeing of the local population through the provision of new green space, accessible on foot and bicycle via the existing footbridge over the A31.
  1. H. White has the means and experience to deliver this exciting and ambitious vision, and have been in detailed discussions regarding the proposals with Natural England, Surf England and Highways England.
  2. H. White is seeking comments from the local community so that the proposals can positively evolve before a planning application is submitted to Dorset Council.

Residents can provide feedback by:

  • Residents across Dorset are encouraged to provide feedback online at
  • Residents can also contact the team on 0800 080 3177 and by email at
  • A public exhibition will also be held at St Leonards & St Ives Village Hall on Braeside Road on Thursday 9 September from 2pm to 8pm.

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