Members Surfing Insurance Package Upgraded

Surfing England Members Surfing Insurance Package Upgraded

At Surfing England, we aim for our membership offer to be enticing, purposeful and offer great value for money. Membership to our organisation has always included personal accident cover for surfing anywhere in the world. We also offer Enhanced Coach Membership which includes insurance for coaching independently, and insurance for Affiliated Surf Club’s. As long as you are a UK resident, our membership comes with the insurance every surfer needs.

We recognise multiple disciplines within Surfing England membership, and all are covered by our insurance when you have a current membership to our organisation:

  • Bodysurfing
  • Hand planing
  • Bellyboarding
  • Bodyboarding
  • Shortboard surfing
  • Longboard surfing
  • Stand up Paddleboarding (SUP) – sea and freshwater
  • Adaptive surfing

We have recently upgraded our offering on the personal accident cover which extends to individual surfer members (including joint and family memberships), and also coach members (when surfing independently). This cover includes injuries in recognised activities and disciplines (listed above) that occur anywhere in the World, including artificial wave facilities such as The Wave, Bristol. The surfing insurance package now covers injuries such as a broken leg, arm, dental or optical expenses.

As part of this upgrade, we have a brochure detailing in-depth information which we recommend reading. There is further information within this brochure on the Enhanced Coach cover (for conducting surf coach activity away from a commercial surf school) and also recognised activities and further detail covered within our Affiliated Surf Club membership.


Surfing England Membership

Runs on an annual basis from the date you join us, the following options are available. Sign up today, get your surf insurance, and support your National Governing Body.

Membership Type Annual Fee
Junior (up to age 18) £18
Young Person (age 18-25) £20
Adult (age 26+) £25
Joint Membership (£10 saving based on 2 adults joining) £40
Family Membership (£69 saving based on 2 adults and 3 children) £65
Entry Coach Membership £35
Enhanced Surf Coach Membership (including insurance for coaching independently) £70

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