Caravan and Motorhome Club renew commitment to Surfing England for 2021

We are so amped to announce that the Caravan and Motorhome Club have renewed their Headline Sponsorship of Surfing England for the 8th year, firmly showing their commitment to the surf industry and dedication to the surf community in England.

It’s been a year that’s been somewhat tumultuous for all and we are beyond proud that the Club recognise the work Surfing England have been doing throughout 2020, supporting the English surfing community with informed updates around the coronavirus pandemic and still continuing to deliver Events (in alignment with gov guidance). It is incredible to see the Club standing out in the camping and motorhome industry and continuing to support our organisation. We are proud to partner with brands with such good ethos.

A strong start to 2020, the Club supported the delivery of the 2020 English Open and U18 Shortboard Championships, before headlining our return to the beach this Autumn for the 2020 English National Surfing Championships. This partnership is instrumental to the delivery of our Events and we and our community are so pleased that the Club shares our stoke, as we continue our longstanding partnership into 2021 and beyond.

Surfing England Operations Manager Hannah Brand says “we are elated to be working with our good friends at the Club for another year. At a time that is tough for many industries, it is simply fantastic that the Club have renewed their support to English Surfing. This is a defining moment for our partnership, and we cannot wait to get cracking with some new and exciting activations in 2021.”

As we move to 2021, our plans are to launch a booking platform for bodyboard/surfing/SUP lessons, which Members of the Club will receive an exclusive discount on. We will also re-wrap our Events Trailer so the Club will be well and truly on the road with us for all our Events. The Event support will continue, and we will also take a day on the road to capture some bespoke content for the Club – all projects we are excited to deliver!

The Winter charge will also continue – the Surfing England website will undergo a significant update; we will work with the Club to ensure they are a key feature. We also look to launch a Member offer in 2021 for a holiday with the Club – stay tuned on social and make sure you are opted into Surfing England Member Newsletters.

Brian Morgan, Head of Comms and Events at the Caravan and Motorhome Club said, “The Caravan and Motorhome Club are a community of intrepid explorers, perfectly aligned and in tune with surfing and SUP.  We are the No.1 rated touring club in the UK and operate the largest number of top-quality campsites set in beautiful and scenic locations in the UK and work with over 330 campsites in Europe – many close by to some of the best surfing and SUP venues. No matter what the season, the Club offers sites for all adventurers, and those hardy winter explorers.”

For surfing, 2021 is going to be a huge year – we can’t wait to see the sport debut in the Olympics and be showcased globally. We are anticipating numbers participating in the sport to boom and this ripple effect be seen across all disciplines including bodysurf and stand up paddleboard which is already popular. There are also an array of new wave pools in the pipeline in England – the future is so bright for English surfing.

Surfing England will also offer members of the Club an exclusive offer on Membership to Surfing England – offering great value and promoting our insurance package which covers people worldwide when surfing, and even covers SUP on flat water lakes/rivers/canals in the UK.

To find out more about the Caravan and Motorhome Club, & join their network, click here.

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