Covid 19 Update – 26/11/2020

The government has confirmed that ‘organised grassroots sport is allowed to resume from 2nd December across all levels, providing social distancing remains in place’.  This means surf lessons provided by clubs and schools across the country can resume (in line with the previous guidance) for those looking to continue operating through the winter months.

The new tiers have been announced and you can see an overview for sport and exercise in the below graphic.  Sport England are due to release more detailed guidance tomorrow for those sports that are more effected, for example indoor sport.

We have surf locations across all three tiers, so you will need to be familiar with the specific rules for your area which may limit activities outside of surf lesson delivery – such as limiting post lesson social activity.

To check which tier you are in:

The rules for each tier are here

If you want more detail, the government’s full winter plan takes you through all aspects from testing to vaccines to education and the economy.

As ever, the Surfing England team are on hand and available to provide as much support as we can to our affiliated schools, clubs and coaches.

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