dryrobe Announced as Official Sponsors of Team England Juniors

It’s big news for Surfing England as we end the week. We’re stoked to introduce dryrobe as Official Sponsors of Team England Juniors. On Wednesday we had an epic day at The Wave where we unveiled dryrobe as Official Sponsors to the incredibly talented Team England Junior squad.

Team England 2020 dryrobe Junior squad

It’s a monumental moment for Surfing England. This is the first time a Team has its own sponsor, one who is focused on developing the team to reach their full potential. As we move through 2020 Team England Juniors will have dedicated training camps where they can access high level coaching & support. These camps will focus on training & developing the squad & teams will then be selected to compete at the European Junior Surfing Championships & the ISA World Junior Surfing Championships later this year.

Our day at The Wave also highlights the potential impact of this incredible new facility. The wave pool will be a game-changer for English surfing as it offers the opportunity to train continuously on waves and sharpen manoeuvres for surfers to score highest points at contests. Coaches will be able to support the surfers to tick the key boxes looked for by judges as defined by the ISA “radical controlled manoeuvres in the critical sections of a wave with speed, power and flow.”

Team Manager Oliver Hawksworth getting the squad inspired before the first surf

Ben Powis, Commercial and Operations Director for Surfing England said:

“It’s no exaggeration to say our partnership with dryrobe is a game changer for the junior team.  We have our sights set on the Dakar 2022 Youth Olympics and the support from dryrobe means we can put structured training plans in place, bring in top class coaching and support staff and take full advantage of the amazing facilities on tap at The Wave”

dryrobe Founder and Director Gideon Bright added:

“We’re incredibly excited to be supporting the Team England Juniors at such a monumental time in surfing’s history. The pool of talent in junior surfing right now is amazing and we’re confident that by backing this incredible team of surfers we can make a real difference in helping them achieve their potential. The future of English surfing is looking very bright and we’re so proud to be a part of it.”

One of England’s youngest hopefuls Lukas Skinner

Stay tuned for updates on the dryrobe Team England Juniors in 2020 & beyond.

Stay warm with dryrobe, a British Brand that came into fruition from winter surfing. Surfing England members receive a unique members discount when buying a dryrobe.

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Photos by Tom Young & Rob Tibbles



The squad stoked with their towel robes – thanks dryrobe!

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