UK Bodysurfing Association Affiliate with Surfing England

Surfing England are pleased to announce their Affiliation with Bodysurfing England, under the umbrella organisation UK Bodysurfing Association CIC.  

Bodysurfing is a growing sport in England and comes into the remit of the sport of surfing as designated by Sport England. Therefore, Surfing England are pleased to connect with Bodysurf England and will work together to increase awareness, participation and opportunities for bodysurfing.  

UK Bodysurfing CIC will benefit from Surfing England Club Membership benefits such as Insurance for all club-based activities operating in England and support from the Surfing England NGB. 

Bodysurfing is a growing sport in England


A UK Bodysurfing Championships has been running since 2017 at Fistral Beach, Newquay and Surfing England will now be promoting this event. 

In other exciting news, the UK Bodysurfing Association CIC is also a founder member of Euro Bodysurf and this affiliation will enable Bodysurfing to run European Events in England. The current member countries of this are France, Portugal, Morocco, Spain and the UK and this is expected to grow as participation ramps up.  

Surfing England and the UK Bodysurfing Association CIC look forward to working together and are meeting in due course to discuss opportunities for the future. Together we strive to raise the profile of the sport and grow the wider healthy surfing community that exists in England. 

The barrel through the eyes of a bodysurfer

For more about UK Bodysurfing Association CIC, click here. 

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