Team England Open Surfers Selection Policy 2019

Team England Open Surfers Selection Policy 2019

This document has been created to outline the process of selections for Team England from April 2019. The squad management team have devised the following criteria.

This will cover male, female, longboard and shortboard representation at contests.

  • The team will be composed of the top, 1, 2 or 3 surfers from the English National Championship results (dependant on team size required).
  • A wildcard will be available at the discretion of the team manager/s, based on WQS ranking and also available in exceptional circumstances where attendance at the National championships is not possible. This to cover sickness or illness, or competing at a WQS event.
  • The wildcard is not available for those travelling or otherwise unavailable at the National event.
  • This principle will apply for future years, unless a change is required due to ISA schedule changes or similar amendments to schedules or qualification criteria.
  • If a selected athlete is not available for a representative event, selection will fall to the next highest result in the final of the National event.
  • In the event of no surfer being available from the National event, WQS rankings will be used to select a representative or representatives for the National team.
  • All surfers must qualify to represent the English team by fulfilling the ‘Eligibility Process’ outlined in the ‘Eligibility Policy’

Any questions or queries should be directed in the first instance to the respective team managers, please send emails to:

Team England

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