Team England SUP 2019 Selection Process

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There are two international events requiring team selection in SUP surf, race and prone paddle board disciplines. Ideally, it would be preferable for all race disciplines to follow a comparable process however, there are a number of factors which impinge upon doing so; particularly that at the time of going to press an official date or location is still to be released by the International Surfing Association (ISA) for this year’s world championships or the European Surfing Federation (ESF) for the European championships.

The following will outline the process involved and clearly define selection criteria.

Moving in a more positive drive to enable broader inclusion at selection events BSUPA are collaborating with GB National SUP Clubs Series organisers, now in its second year, British Canoeing and Surfing England. Selection will be a multi venue selection process relevant to each discipline, surf and the race board disciplines of sprint, technical and distance (this includes prone and SUP).

World and European team technical and distance selection will be based upon results from one event, at the BaySUP event on June 22nd while the sprint qualification will be based upon results from the British Canoe Sprint championships on March 30th & 31st at the National Water Sports Centre in Nottingham.

SUP Surf will select riders from the combined results of 2 events, Saunton June 1st and Watergate Sept 28/29thfor the ISA World event. BSUPA Watergate 2018 results will be used to select SUP surf team for ESF event due to the time frame of the expected Euro event date.

Currently scant information has been received either by the ISA or ESF regarding event dates and venues and importantly any changes to equipment specification. In the event that changes are made similar adjustments will be made in accordance with ISA / ESF guidelines. In the absence of any official information craft specification will follow current ISA / ESF rulings. In the event of any change in board specification by the relevant bodies post selection Team England selection process will remain valid.

Selection Criteria

  • Paddlers must be in a position to self finance entry and travel to each event. It is important to be aware that International competition is an expensive affair, while BSUPA contribute toward an individual entry at World level, any subsequent races are at the cost of the individual, this excludes the team relay.
  • Paddlers must provide proof of travel insurance prior to departure, absence of evidence will preclude travel with the team to the event.
  • Team members, in the absence of a team manager, must be self regulating and organise relevant logistics e.g. travel accommodation etc
  • Athletes must be English and not have competed for another Nation in the previous 12 months. English nationality is defined by Surfing England / ISA

Selection Process

Both World and European selection will be based upon a first across the line/ process, in both the distance and technical disciplines (BaySUP) and sprint (national sprint championships, Nottingham).

In addition, BSUPA collaborates with Surfing England in the management of the national team, who is the only body recognised by the ISA given access to World level competition. Therefore, team members must hold current BSUPA membership to be eligible to enter the World championships and a Surfing England Membership.

Team Selection results will be posted BSUPA, GBSUP, Surfing England websites and social media.

Riders wishing to be part of either team must fill and return the form to Surfing England Head Office –FAO Paul Currie TEAM ENGLAND (SUP/Prone) 2019 using the following email:

Surfing England will appoint Team Managers.

Document Consultation Process

The ultimate objective of this document is to ensure selection of the strongest possible team and the continued progression of the sport. In order to achieve the greatest parity for the greatest number of people the final iteration of the document is the result of multiple informal discussions across a broad spectrum of stake holders, current paddlers, brand distributors and media; all of whom helped inform a more objective and inclusive approach to team selection process. The final version had been submitted, formally, to a panel of five to ensure quality process are upheld. The document was created by Glenn Eldridge, as an independent advisor unaffiliated to any UK National Governing Body, in collaboration with BSUPA and GBSUP club series directors, Surfing England and British Canoeing.

Consultation Panel

Simon Bassett – BSUPA Chairman
David Ferguson – BSURF
Mark Price – GB SUP Race Series
Bryce Dyer – GBSUP
Paul Currie –Surfing England

Click to download the Team England SUP Athlete Charter: 

Team England Selection Form:

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