World Oceans Day – How Can we Protect Our Seas?

World Oceans Day – How Can we Protect Our Seas?

Friday 8th June is World Oceans Day, officially recognised by the UN since 2008. As sea lovers and wave riders, its one for us to celebrate!

The Ocean provides us with the oxygen we breathe, it helps feed us, regulates our climate and of course generates the waves we surf. It even covers around 70% of the World Surface! This year’s theme is all about preventing plastic pollution and innovating solutions for a healthier ocean. As stewards of the sea, it is vital we protect the environment that sustains our healthy surfing community.

So, what are we doing? At Surfing England we are aiming to be ‘plastic-free’ at events, sourcing food in recyclable packaging and providing a water refill station. We have also transitioned to using reusable zip-ties. We recycle wherever possible in our office and out and about, even our desks are made from reclaimed wood! We are proud to work with and support great organisations such as the 2 Minute Beach Clean, Surfers Against Sewage and The Plastic Project.

Some other great organisations worth checking out are City to Sea, Refill for free water on the go and @afloatexpedition (instagram) who are currently circumnavigating the beautiful British Coastline collecting plastic.

Happy World Oceans Day from all the team, have a good one!

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