2018 Surfing England AGM

Surfing England

Annual General Meeting

3rd Feb 2018

Surfing England, Caen St, Braunton

 Bruce Daniels welcomed everyone to the AGM.

Nick Rees (Staff) – Presented an update on 2017 operations and achievement, with an overview of focus for 2018. Presentation Appenix.1.

Rob Tibbles (Staff) – Presented on the Surfing England brand and platform. Presentation Appendix.2.

Adam Tucker (Director) – Presented on finance. Surfing NGB Ltd accounts were published and talked through on screen. Adam pointed out that Surfing NGB Ltd is a company limited by guarantee (not shareholders) hence directors are liable for finance. Adam went through figures on the accounts indicating the minimal profit for the year has been re-invested into the operation for growth 2017-18. Accounts Appendix. 3

  • Resolution 1 – Vote to adopt the accounts – unanimous by all members present
  • Resolution 2 – Plunkett And Yates are Surfing England’s appointed auditors

Resolution 3 – Directorship Voting

1 directors stood down – Matt knight

No objections for the remaining director re-election

  • Bruce Davies
  • Tina Beresford
  • Paul Currie
  • Adam Tucker
  • Brender Wilmot
  • Phil Williams
  • Nick Hounsfield
  • Piers Martin

Note from last years minutes: It is important as of 1st April 2017 to have a gender balance and 25% independence

A member request was made that it be made clear what skills each of directors brings to Surfing England.  Bruce confirmed that this will be actioned over next 3-6 months and put onto website.  This information will also be used to advertise for any new directors required should there be skills gap.

New appointee – Kim Vande Velde introduced herself to Surfing England members and detailed her extensive legal and commercial experience.  Members voted in favour of the new appointee. No objections. Legal process for registration to be progressed and due diligence carried out

Resolution 4 – Surfing England has an action to change COMPANY name from Surfing NGB Ltd to Surfing England Ltd (This is a proviso re obtaining national governing body status).  No objections from members.

Phil Williams (Director) – Presented on Team England Longboard and the importance of community connection. Presentation Appendix 4.

Piers Martin (Director) – Presented on the Surfing England organisational strategy. Presentation Appendix 5.

Matt Knight (Director) – Presented on a vision of Surfing for the future. Presentation Appendix 6.


Nick Hounsfield (Director) – Presented on the Olympics and the Wave developments. Presentation Appendix 7.

Andy Desa (Member) – Presented on the power of surfing and the importance of it within the community and focus on education and community partnerships in North East England.

Adam Hall (Sponsor) – Presented for Surfdome on the importance of community focus with a social and environmental responsibility.


Surfing England Global Ambassador Award: Spike Kane

Surfing England Surf Club of the year: Saunton Hotdoggers


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