Firstly to those who’ve engaged with Surfing England, we thank you for all of your hard work and support. It’s been a long journey to achieve National Governing Body (NGB) status, made possible and enjoyable by yourselves as the members. Secondly to those coaches yet to engage, our message is clear – we are here for the support and development of Surfing in England, and that includes you – come join us.

 As we have driven around the country, checking on surf schools, checking on coaches, meeting our community, we have had the chance to both chat to many of you, and also see you at work. A great many of you have expressed excitement at any opportunity for personal development as surf coaches, and others, a burning desire to get involved in different aspects of coaching – driving our sport forward.  It is only now, following appointment as your NGB that we can truly begin to look at ways of using your ideas and expertise to help design and construct pathways and opportunities for the development of surf coaching.

We know that there is a wealth of talent, expertise and knowledge out there – we want to harness it for the betterment of our sport.


Survey closes 22nd January 2018

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