Team England Volunteer Elite Squads Management Announced

Surfing-England logoTeam England Volunteer Elite Squads Management Announced

Surfing England today announce the volunteer management teams appointed following our recent call out for assistance in managing the elite programmes associated with Team England’s attendance of international competitions.

We would like to thank those appointed for stepping forward and volunteering. The response we received was inspiring to see, with both a high volume and calibre of applicants. Team England will be well represented both in and out of the water in preparation and attendance of international events in 2017 and beyond and we thank those for volunteering to play their part in this.

Following an extensive review and selection process completed by a panel of Surfing England directors of all applications, we are proud to appoint the following;

Team England: OPEN management team.

Head Coach: Dave Renaud

Manager: Minnow Green

Fitness & Health: Richie Inskip

General Support: Richard Newbould, Kerry Powell & Calli Wray-McCann

Team England: JUNIOR management team.

Head Coach: Damon Beveridge

Assistant Coach: Dominique Kent

Manager: Chris Brown

Lead Fitness & Health: John Moore

Support Coach: Miles Lee-Hargreaves & Beau Bromham

Support Fitness & Health team: Rob Bale, Jamie Wride & Ross James

General Support: Liam Dennis Green

Team England: ADAPTIVE Management team.

Deadline for closure April 31st. Positions below ‘interim’ until applications close.

Interim Coaches: Dominique Kent & Andy Joyce

Interim Managers: Dominique Kent & Andy Joyce

General support: Calli Wray-McCann

Click here for more information on the elite programmes 

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