The Surfing Olympic Dream just became a reality

“Surfing’s Olympic Dream just became a reality”

Today is a momentous day for Surfing. The International Olympic committee has chosen our beloved sport to be a “Demonstration Event” at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Born out of Royal Hawaiian Tradition, surfing has become the sport of the people. Today’s decision now gives surfers from Scotland, Wales, England and the Channel Islands a chance to compete for Team GB against the world’s best, on the greatest and most prestigious stage of all…..The Olympic Games.

Great Britain boasts a wealth of Surfing talent and this is our chance to be part of surfing history. A challenge that surfing will rise to and embrace.

The task at hand now, to those administering this development, is to ensure a future for our sport that embraces the diverse culture of surfing; by balancing the Olympic dream against the purity of connecting with the ocean in its simplest form and riding the waves we find.

These are exciting and challenging times ahead and our National Federations are ready and up for the task. Work will now commence as the Federations collaborate under the guidance of the British Olympic Association and Committee, and UK Sport to shape the Olympic programme.

Surfing has come of age, 2020 will be our time to enter the arena of Olympic Sport.

We look forward to sharing our wonderful sport with the world.

A joint statement by Surfing GB & The English Surfing Federation

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