2015 Acer British Interclub Surf Championships supported by Korev goes off

The 2015 Acer British Interclub Surf Championships supported by Korev

Perranporth, Cornwall- October 10th  & 11th

Operating surf events holds an inherent risk that Mother Nature may not play ball, but when she does, the results can be glorious, and glorious was what we got at this year’s British Interclub Surf Championships.

A weekend of consistent cranking waves gave competitors and officials the waves that we always hope for, but yet rarely get, and so battles raged on all weekend between the 140 entries, the highest entry in history and the 14 clubs in attendance.

The event site was large in stature and extended from the Watering Hole pub onto the golden sands of Perranporth, allowing for perfect viewing of the action whilst the DJ’s mixed their way through the day.

Saturday kicked off in electrifying fashion with the Open division sponsored by Billabong taking to the water first. 72 surfers made up a divisions full of rippers, old legends and classic club men, where amateurs pitch themselves against pros in non-elimination heats. 3-5ft with strong offshore winds saw barrels and sections to dream of and the surfers taking full advantage of it all. Shortly after mid-day the junior division sponsored by Carve Visionaries and Santa Cruz entered the water, with tricky low tide conditions it was a battle that only some could win. The women’s division finished off the day in style as the tide filled in and attention turned to the evenings events.

Sportsmanship and camaraderie was seen through, with the hooting being heard from the beach as fellow competitors supported and encourages their team mates. The event inspires and encapsulates the UK club scene, with father and sons surfing (Ben & Lucas skinner) to groups of mates who have grown up together.

The now annual Korev Beach Flags saw all open teams put forward their quickest sprinter, or in some cases the loser of rock paper scissors, to face off and win Korev lager for their team. The name of the game, as in the same as Surf Lifesaving Beach flags, is to beat your opponent in a sprint to the flags, but in our game the Korev suitably replaces the flag. Beau Bromham of Croyde came out the victor much to the delight of all the on looking crowd. Zorb sumo wrestling match between the ladies was won by Newquays Liv Harwood, adding to the Newquay achievement list for the weekend.

Saturday night was all about the music and dance floor shenanigans, with reggae duo Highergrade Soundsytems and Duplex sound dropping the beats that saw the dance floor ignite with enjoyment.

Sunday was a slow start but it soon got going and the Junior division took on the low tide banks in an impressive no fear approach, as the 3-4ft waves broke upon the sand. The womens division swiftly followed and battles continued as competition heated up. Soon came the Open’s turn and with points adding up and titles to be decided every heat counted, and following a Junior surf off the event came to a close.

The champions were Newquay A! After their return to the competition the banterous claims have been fulfilled and they take the Interclub Champions trophy, whilst kindly being sprayed with champagne from their passionate leader Gadge. The Billabong Open division winners were Newquay A, the Carve Womens division champions were locals Perran Boardriders and the Carve and Santa Cruz Junior Divisions champions were Newquay B.

We would like to thank all whom attended and supported the event and all the staff and volunteers that got involved. Double peaks allowed the event to run with such a large entry and the clubs provided volunteer judges to bulk up the panels whilst gaining valuable experience from two of the UK’s best head judges, Ester Spears and Mike Durkin.

The event will now be hosted by new champions Newquay Boardriders in 2016.

Open sponsored by Billlabong

1st Newquay A

2nd Perran

3rd Woolacombe A

4th Newquay B

5th CSC A

6th Dirty South

6th isle of Wight

6th Bude A

9th Shoreham

10th Boscombe A

11th Boscombe B

Womens sponsored by Carve Visionaries

1st Perran

2nd Newquay A

2nd Woolacombe A

4th CSC A

5th Bude A

Junior Division sponsored by Carve Visionaries and Santa Cruz

1st Newquay B

2nd Bude A

3rd Newquay A

 4th CSC A

5th Boscombe A

6th Perran

7th Dirty South

8th Woolacombe A

9th Woolacombe B

10th CSC B

11th Boscombe B

12th Bude B

Overall results

1st Newquay A

2nd Perran Boardriders

3rd Woolacombe A

4th Bude A

5th CSC A

6th Newquay B

7th Dirty South

8th Boscombe A

9th CSC B

10th Isle of Wight

11th Shoreham

12th Boscombe B

13th Woolacombe B

14th Bude B

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