Junior Teams head to Eurosurf

Teams from England, Wales and the Channel Islands have travelled to the warm waters of the Azores for the  European Junior Surfing Championships which kicks off tomorrow. Known my most as Eurosurf, the comp organised by the European Surfing Federation will be staged on Santa Barbara beach on the North shore of São Miguel.

Team England

Team Wales in Transit

You’ll be able to catch up on all the surfing action and cheer on the UK Teams at the European on the webcast on the Eurosurfing.org website:

Junior Surfing Championships with this live link to the event: http://live.eurosurfing.org

The channel Islands team are already sharing photo’s galore of the great location: www.facebook.com/JerseySurfingbodyboardingPictures


Channel Islands Crew


Good luck to all the teams from the Surfing GB crew

Check out the Facebook pages and websites for more info:


England: www.facebook.com/englishsurfing  www.englishsurfing.co.uk

The England team:

U18: Jo Harding, Arran Strong

U16: Angus James Scotney, Harry De Roth

U14: James, Stanley Eric Norman

U18 Girls: Keshia Eyre, Emily Susan Currie

U16 Bodyboard: Josh Jude Lewis, Jordan Pethick


Wales: www.facebook.com/groups/253777041367727/www.welshsurfingfederation.org.uk/

Jersey: www.facebook.com/groups/326373204680/ & www.jerseysurfboardclub.com/

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