ISA World Masters Surfing Championships

On the 14th to the 22nd July 2012 the ISA will be hosting the ISA World Masters Surfing Championships, Colorado Beach at Hacienda Iguana, Nicaragua.

Surfing GB are looking for a team to enter the event and are taking applications. Communications Director Kerry Powell explains a bit further;

We have been approached by a few individuals looking for our support in attending the ISA World Masters Event. Due to the time constraints we are unable to put on a qualifying event/ selection series to pick our team, so we are asking for those wishing to be involved to put forward a resume of their surfing career for consideration. It is not an event we usually send a team to, however in the past, a few individual surfers have gone out to represent GB on the World Master’s stage.

Unfortunately at this moment in the organisations development, as our junior team had to do, the athletes would have to be self funded. The organisation can help them with PR and fundraising however we cannot commit to financial support – unless we manage to attract a sponsor in time.

It’s a fantastic opportunity for some of our top athletes to showcase their talents once they have moved on out of the Open division.

With the English Nationals approaching (surf permitting) next weekend, we have seen a vested interest in the older age categories. Kelly Slater would himself fall under the Grandmaster category, and we have a great pool of talent in this country that would be eligible to compete”

The World Masters Surfing Championships features surfers age 35+ under the following divisions.

Master (male or female) 35+

Grandmaster (male or female) 40+

Kahuna (male or female) 45+

Grand Kahuna (male or female) 50+


From each of these divisions a country can send the following participants.

Grandmaster’s Division 2 athletes

Kahuna’s Division 2 athletes

Grand Kahuna’s Division 1 athletes

Women’s Masters 1 athlete

Any one interested in being selected can contact Kerry;


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